About Us

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision at Omega Global University is to deliver excellence in Kingdom Education, Training, Teaching and Learning and to be relevantly innovative to the current and future needs of our graduates, to get them ready to walk in dominion in every aspect of life “We Develop Generations!”


Our Mission Statement

Our Mission at Omega Global University is to educate the whole person in spirit, mind and body, thereby preparing our graduates to be professionally competent servant leaders who are spiritually alive, intellectually alert, physically disciplined and socially adept.


Our Value Statement

Kingdom Distinctiveness

We are a God centered University that upholds a Kingdom of God standard of life, striving to become service orientated leaders, ready to go into every person’s world with the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom and Kingdom life Restoration on earth.

Integrity By Faith

We strive as Kingdom citizens to operate with, and instill in our students, excellence with integrity by faith in all personal, academic, professional, and corporate endeavors

Safe Caring Community

We believe that all people have been created in the image and likeness of God deserves to be loved and respected. Therefore, we are committed to providing a safe, caring, and Godly environment which encourages unity in diversity as Kingdom citizens.

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